Dance of Eagles is a sculpture created to

reflect and inspire the Truth and Reconciliation

process and to help nurture its growth

and movement towards success. 

We hope it will become a historical marker of

inclusion, and a recognition of all those who

are part of the Canadian family.

It is an expression of our humanity and what

it means to be a human being upon the earth.

This is part of our evolution as a society, for

we must learn to release what binds us: 

the disdain, the greed, the intolerance, and to embrace brotherhood of all humanity.

Sometimes, that seems very complicated,

other times,it can be simple and elegant.

To understand that each one of us, regardless

of race, colour or creed has a place,

an equal place, in our society.

Come be inspired

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For Indigenous people everywhere, Eagle represents Spirit, Freedom, and the Messenger. Those who witness the sight of two eagles, high in the air, talons locked together, tumbling earthward, never forget it. 

   Walk with us a way, along this new path,

    watch the eagles high above, see them

   tumbling down so close to Earth, release the grip, and soar again into the heavens, together, to face the future.


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​Art for Truth & Reconciliation

Dance of Eagles can be actual historical evidence that we actually did something marking this time of Truth and Reconciliation.

Even if it never comes to be as a permanent public statement we believe that its message

      will resonate with people of all cultures,  

                        hopefully start some

                        conversations, and result in

                        increased understanding and  



                      The artist believes, that if  

                   enough people see this, it will truly be real, the vision here and now for  

all to see.

Share with others


This is a two dimensional conceptual

sketch portraying “The Dance of Eagles”

and a spiritual representative for the

“Truth & Reconciliation” process. 

This design could evolve as a pin, medallion

or ribbon. It could very well be the symbol

for this Path and could be translated into whatever form works best for all.

If this Dreamer’s dream finds the way to monumental size and installation, or even

into the homes of the many, then surely it

will exist in the hearts and minds of Canadians. 

So please share it,  and pass it on so that others may also share in it’s power and wisdom.