The Vision

Imagine, if you will ~~ ‘Dance of Eagles’, in monumental size, installed on the crest of a hill, or beside the pathways, sunlight gleaming off elegant wings. 

Imagine it as visitors would first see it, silhouetted against the sky, the trees, or perhaps Ottawa’s iconic buildings, (or at some other suitable location) clean, graceful shapes of stylized wings, a curious and awesome sight. As people draw nearer, the elegant heads would gradually be realized. At night, with lights shining on it, a ghostly form against a distant sky. Visitors, wondering what it is how it came to be there, curious for a closer look, and  would be drawn to the site, marvelling not only at the sculpture, but at a monumental, carved and decorated drum on which it will be mounted. The Drum will carry the message of the People, inscribed with iconographic symbols 

    For Indigenous people everywhere, Eagle represents Spirit, Freedom, and the Messenger. Those who witness the sight of two eagles, high in the air, talons locked together, tumbling earthward, will never forget it. 

Scientists cannot define what the purpose of this Dance is. They wonder, is it a battle for territory? mating ritual? or?…….

It was told to me as a child, that Mother Earth tells us, and teaches us, in many ways. Often by showing us.  ‘Behold the spectacle…’

For many, this awe inspiring display is far more than a ritual. It represents a traditional way of life, of maintaining balance, and wisdom. Eagles tumble from the clouds, talons locked in a deadly embrace, but they have the wisdom to know, at the very last second, just before smashing into the rock below, when to release their grasp, lift their wings and soar into the heavens.

Dance of Eagles portrays the times we are living in. Do we, Canadians of all colours and cultures, move forward together, in harmony with each other, or do we cling ferociously to our fears and anger? 

Hopefully, like the eagles, we will have the wisdom to release our talons, and soar together……

Art for Truth & Reconciliation